Trumbull Architects is a small practice that has designed private homes both locally and across the country for over thirty years. Our style is regional vernacular, using the style and traditional detail of the location we are working in. The challenge to us is to design a new home or a house restoration that functions well and fits into its surroundings. Versed in classical detail, we can be historically correct and do a classic restoration but preferably we take the design to the next level of interpretation and create a unique result that marries history and function and can be quite “modern” in its appearance. The desired result is to incorporate a client's budget, program and taste into a home that is custom for both them and their site. We site the house so as to incorporate it into an overall passive energy efficient structure; overhangs to the west for shade, windows to the south for warmth and cross ventilation for comfort. Trumbull Architects has been published in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Met Home and various local publications. We won House Beautiful's "Best Small House" award which was featured in the movie 'Housesitter.'

Trumbull Architects